Add Colours to Your Part with the Enttec DMXIS Lighting Desk

Add Colours to Your Part with the Enttec DMXIS Lighting Desk

We had this Annual Camp Fest where almost all musicians from my area and the surrounding cities come together to perform for a cause, like a mini concert. Whether it is for a family member who’s sick and needs assistance or a charity and our event was for an orphanage who would like to add school supplies and books for the children.

Although our camp has a complete set of instruments and lighting, it was a very common one, nothing too exciting about it. So instead of having just a normal concert, we wanted an awesome one so we decided to rent a lighting desk to spice things up a bit.

Enter the ENTTEC DMXIS Lighting Desk

Everything was set up the way we wanted it but it didn’t work as we wanted instead, it definitely exceeded our expectations. Having lighting on stage is good enough but having those lights come alive is a different thing. Just as the event started, stage and lighting really made a good impression on everyone.

The Enttec DMXIS lighting controller for musicians created a different look for our event. It was perfectly synchronized with our lighting as well as the music. It goes bright just in time for our performances’ highlight and the dimming of it gives a special effect along with the other equipment that we have.

Even with the beat of our music, the sync between the lighting desk and the sound creates a very strong environment. It adds to the emotion of our performers and our guests. The stars of the show were easy to spot on with the help of this computer-based lighting console. It was convenient to use and could be easily controlled to highlight a person on stage. The lighting was also much managed that it was not too bright to blind the performers nor too dim.

The Day Is Saved

Before the performance, the service provider’s staff worked with us in customizing the lightings with their lighting desk and all I did was provide them the plans for the evening and the music. They provided suggestions and a few changes that with no doubt helped big time with the occasion. They were very skilled and were very smart people and they know what to do and what is appropriate for a certain event. They have provided us with equipment that is suited for a not-so-big of an event and a small venue which was not overwhelming for the number of the crowd that has attended that night.

This brought our mini concert to a whole new level. We have generated income that was more than what we expected and has donated everything for the orphanage. We loved the fact that we were able to deliver great performance for a great cause. You may think that the lighting is a small thing but it definitely gave a boost to the performers and gave more emotions on stage.

We will definitely organise more events like this and hire from them again since they have more available equipment that surely makes any occasion remarkable. Now I am certain that we delivered a great experience to our guest while delivering hope to the children in the orphanage and we wouldn’t be able to achieve this without the DMXIS Lighting Desk