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Australian composer and conductor, Sean O’Boyle, has conducted recordings and concerts with many leading Australian and international orchestras, including the Adelaide, West Australian, Melbourne and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestras, The Queensland Orchestra, Dortmund Konzert, Lexington Philharmonic, Auckland Philharmonia, Malaysian Philharmonic and Orchestra Victoria. His compositions have been performed by all the major Australian orchestras and by International orchestras including the Berlin Philharmonic, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, BBC Concert Orchestra, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra.


A jazz-clarinet playing, orchestra conductor, Sean O’Boyle also happens to be THE most prolific musician in Australia.

His latest recording for the ABC — a concerto for didgeridoo — which he wrote and conducted with the Queensland Orchestra, is his 108th album. Sean O’Boyle is second only to the great Slim Dusty in musical output.

Legends like James Morrison, Tommy Emmanuel and Kate Ceberano sing his praises, as uniquely-talented.

Ray Martin

Working with Sean has been somewhat of an epiphany for me! I hadn’t had too much experience working with Orchestras particularly with original work and I was pretty intimidated by the idea…before Sean! He made choosing a repertoire and staying true to my contemporary Pop sound (without dumbing down the orchestra) a reality for me. I actually can be comfortable and be myself even though still I’m blown away by the ‘Symphony experience!’ His arrangements are fantastic and it’s been exciting realizing the dots on stage to rapt audiences! Wow what a buzz! I’ve become quite possessive about him. “He is my maestro now!” I have been transformed into the ‘diva’…finally!

If a musician is very talented it’s sometimes said that he or she is “comfortable” in a number of styles. Sean O’Boyle is that rare musician who seems to be not only comfortable but genuinely creative, innovative and simply brilliant at whatever style you care to name. His understanding of jazz, the symphony orchestra and his sheer musicality, make him a voice on the Australian music scene not to be missed.

Sean is one of the great orchestrators and a conductor of enormous sensitivity.

Sean O’Boyle has the uncommon talent of writing music that appeals. He can find an audience amongst both connoisseurs and casual listeners, the former will admire the craft that he wields, and the latter will be drawn in by the beauty of his music.

Lyle Chan
Artists, Repertoire & Marketing Manager