What Others Say

Sean O’Boyle is a treasure of Australia’s music industry.

As my musical director and composer on numerous projects ranging from Riverfestival’s River Symphony, Pasminco (now Zinifex) Century Mine opening ceremony through to the 100th anniversary of Australian Army Tattoo, Sean’s knowledge and expertise contributed heavily to the success of these celebrations.

John Aitken

Chief Executive Officer

Brisbane Marketing

“Composer, conductor, arranger, producer or performer – whatever the hat Sean is very talented all-round musician who is at home in many styles.  He brings an energy and verve to all the projects he commits to and has the ability to keep several balls in the air at the same time often across both significant spans of time and distance.  Never less than exciting, he manages to be a practical realist who is able to deliver and engage.”

Chris J Mangin

Chief Executive/Artistic Director

Opera Queensland

“Sean O’Boyle has tremendous commitment to a huge range of music, and he brings an energy and professionalism to his work which makes him a great colleague and collaborator. He thinks big, follows through, takes care of the details and in short, is the person you want in your corner when you are putting together a show.”

Antony Ernst

Manager of Artistic Planning

Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

“Sean O’Boyle is a joy to work with. He’s uniquely able to span the popular and orchestral music genres – there’s no one like him. Sean’s a hit with audiences and stars alike, that’s why he’s in such constant demand. He always delivers and audiences keep asking for more.”

Michael Smith

CEO, The Queensland Orchestra

“The Barrier Reef Orchestra is proud to have Sean O’Boyle as an Artistic Director.

He has introduced players to new music styles, from swing and world music through to modern classical. He has organised soloists of world-class standard, such as James Morrison & Emma Pask, to play with and extend the orchestra.

Dynamic, and innovative, Sean has ‘pushed the envelope’ to inspire BRO to think on a global level.”

Una Flavelle

Barrier Reef Orchestra Manager

“Just occasionally as an orchestra General Manager you get to surprise your players. The looks of astonishment, delight and enjoyment that were etched on the faces of the members of the BBC Concert Orchestra when they encountered James Morrison for the first time in June 2007 provided me with such a moment. From his pyrotechnic opening trumpet salvo in rehearsal, through to consummate musicanship, humour and energy in performance – James is someone we all want to work with again………and again.

With conducting and arrangements under the total control of Sean O’Boyle, stylish vocals from Emma Pask and an Aussie rhythm section you want take with you everywhere – this was a collaboration that will live long in the memory  – for all the right reasons. I very much hope the BBC CO can repeat James’s Symphonic Swing programme in concert and capture those results in the studio. Star quality and music making this good, needs to be heard and available to all.”

Andrew Connolly

General Manager, BBC Concert Orchestra

For over 40 years the Cloudland ballroom stood as a landmark on the Brisbane skyline…… Playing himself, musical maestro Sean O’Boyle and his versatile band – Blackwood – had the joint hopping. O’Boyle has done a fine job arranging dance hits of four decades to fit the choreographic requirements and composed tailor-made links which allow the work to flow seamlessly from one scene to the next. We can only hope that future Klaus/O’Boyle collaborations will follow.

Rosemary Duffy

State of the Arts

Sean O’Boyle, resplendent in his Irish Kilt, directed proceedings from the podium, his humorous commentary throughout the evening proving him as deft with a microphone as he is with a baton.

The program included well-known Scottish songs, tunes and dances, all skillfully arranged by O’Boyle.

His talents in this area were showcased, along with the playing of the WA Symphony Orchestra, in a Scottish Medley for orchestra alone, and an extravagant version of Highland Cathedral.

William Yeoman

The West Australian

“Lovers of film music in the modern Romantic idiom will thrill to Australian composer O’Boyle’s River Symphony. The orchestra sounds as though it believes in every note, as wave of melodically inspired invention rolls over the listener in demonstration-worthy sound. No less arresting is the Concerto for Didgeridoo, composed with the soloist, William Barton…..”

Classic FM Magazine, August 2008

Gale Edwards on the feature film  “A Heart Beat Away”

While it is not a traditional musical because characters won’t break into song, music plays a vital role in the film, which will combine the work of musical director Sean O’Boyle, and existing work ranging from indie rock, dance and band music, to opera and piano concertos.