Inject Life to Your Party with Audio Equipment Hire

Inject Life to Your Party with Audio Equipment Hire

Have you ever experienced throwing a birthday party for a close friend or a loved one? No? Well, if you haven’t yet, I’ll tell you this – it’s both frightening and exhilarating. That’s especially true if you’ve grown accustomed to being the one at the receiving end of a party or you’re usually an invitee. When every time there’s a party, the only thing you do is look for the perfect gift, look for the best dress, hop in your car, and go on your way to the venue.

So imagine my surprise when I was tasked to organize a party for my fiancee. I literally had no clue how to set it up, least of all where to get started. I asked out friends and family to bail me out of the task on hand, but they wouldn’t budge. They did, however, tell me to centre the party on a theme that my fiancee would be excited over. As soon as they said that, I had a lightbulb moment, and I knew just what theme to use.   

See, we’ve just come back from a vacation in Mexico, and my fiancee was all about the country. She gushed over its food, clothes, culture, people, and just about everything else. So, I decided to prepare a Mexican-themed birthday party for my wife-to-be. How did you think I pulled it off?

What Are the Elements of a Mexican-Themed Party?

First, I tried to learn what the elements of a Mexican-themed party are. You see, a Mexican party is all about colours – colourful food, colourful dresses, colourful drinks, and colourful décor. I also learned that it is one of the most popular party themes that people decide on for bachelor parties, showers, birthdays, or even family reunions. It seems the colours add a little something to make the mood more cheerful, making parties with a Mexican theme festive.

Of course, if you’re planning to host a Mexican fiesta, you need to make sure that your decorations, food, drinks, and entertainment are just perfect so your guests would have a grand and fabulous time. So that was the first thing I took care of – the decorations.

I had to constantly remind myself that I need to use bright and bold colours like red, yellow, orange, green, and blue. To add to the Mexican flair of the party, I hung visual decorations like fairy lights, cactus, chilli peppers, maracas, and sombreros. A piñata is also a staple element during Mexican parties, so I made sure not to miss that.

What’s a party without food, right? It wasn’t really difficult to prep the food. Chips, salsa, guacamole, 7-layer dip, and quesadillas were all I had to include to make sure I had the perfect appetizers for my fiancee’s Mexican-themed party. Since the party will feature a sit-down dinner, I had the caterer prepare Caesar salad with enchiladas, tacos, burritos, chimichanga, and fajitas. There was also plenty of Mexican wine, margarita, daiquiri, mojitos, and of course, the perennial tequila.

Now, this is where the fun starts – the entertainment. I could actually set it up myself, but I didn’t want a mishap. Hence, I decided to turn to the experts. I hired the services of Audio Hire Perth, and it was the best decision I ever made for that party.

Audio Hire Perth is an equipment hire business that has a vast inventory of audio, video, lighting, staging, and DJ equipment. Their customer promise is to bring any event they service to an entirely different level, and that’s exactly what happened to my fiancee’s party.

Do you know how a Mexican event comes to life with a Mariachi band? Well, Audio Hire Perth had the equipment necessary to “simulate” a live Mariachi band. What’s more, their DJ equipment and ginormous speakers were just what we needed to play a slew of Mexican songs that we used to give my fiancee’s guests free lessons on Mexican dances just for the evening. Yes, I hired dance instructors specifically for that. So, before the night ended, the guests were already grooving to the beat of the tango and flamenco.

To add more spice to the entertainment portion of the party, we had costumes like ponchos, Mexican skirts, huipil, bandannas, charro suits, and sombreros on the ready. The guests were free to take their pick among the costumes to use while they party the night away.

My Takeaways from the Party

I realized then that a Mexican theme party is one of the most popular theme parties sure to go over well with guests. The guests loved the combination of ethnic food, fun music, and joyful merrymaking that permeated the festive air. However, I have Audio Hire Perth to thank for the success of the party. Without their awesome team who made sure we have the best audio equipment and speakers to injecting life into the party, it wouldn’t have been otherwise.

So if you’re thinking of throwing a party or hosting an event, whatever kind it is, give Perth AV Equipment Hire a call and watch them weave their magic into your event.