So, Im in love with ENCORE Backdrops now….

So, Im in love with ENCORE Backdrops now….

I have hired a backdrop for our school’s Alumni Party from a business that offers AV hire services and it was the best experience we had! I was asked to be one of the hosts of our Alumni Party and I was more than willing to do so. I wanted the party to be extravagant and different from any other parties that our former school has had before and I am really happy that I came across that AV hire company as they really did exceed my expectations about this event.

The theme that I had in mind was about camping since the party will be held in the evening and so I think that a dark backdrop will make the stage wonderful while a campfire is set up in the middle of the venue. I told them that what the theme was and also provided them with the size of the stage that we will be using so that they will know how big of a stage are they working with.

Their staff came along with their Encore backdrop that was a perfect fit for our stage just as we were organizing everything for the evening. I asked them if they could come earlier so we can test everything out before the party and they were right on time. They did a galaxy backdrop which looked exactly like a clear sky at midnight and suits the theme very well.

It was absolutely mesmerizing! The background was definitely perfect. The stars and other galactic designs that they have put in the backdrop seemed so real. They made it 3D so it does not look like just a poster or background art. It was a perfect fit for the stage since they have suggested that we make the stage higher so it looked like the person in front is floating in the air. The colors looked like they were enhanced because they really stood out and the details were very clear. The texture and the pattern of the backdrop also added to its touch as they seem to create a very realistic effect wherein they don’t give that much of a shine when illuminated by the spotlights. At a certain angle, the backdrop is nearly invisible that it looked like the stars were just hovering on the stage. It felt magical!

Everyone was so pleased with the event and the backdrop made a unique impression to my former schoolmates. After the event, the backdrop served like a photo booth where everybody is using it as their background and it looked awesome on pictures.

This experience gave me a lot of ideas that I can use on the next parties