Yamaha QY100 Music Sequencer – Good Music Comes in Small Packages

Yamaha QY100 Music Sequencer – Good Music Comes in Small Packages

The Yamaha QY100 music sequencer is a small audio device that is just a bit larger than a video cassette. It features a MIDI keyboard, 24-track sequencer, 32-note polyphony, and more than 500 voices. You can also use it with a mic or guitar where you can channel the custom-designed effects.

The miniature concept of this music sequencer serves as a convenient notepad for musicians who are always on the go. For composers, ideas come in unexpected places and situations; so don’t let those ideas slip by without noting them down on your Yamaha QY100.

Just like any other gadget of today, the Yamaha QY100 is no exception to the sophistication that smaller devices are known for. Just don’t let the size fool you, because it can be a very good performance and practice device after all.

Musicians, particularly singers, guitarists and other instrumentalists can benefit from the Yamaha QY100 music sequencer’s excellent sound and ease of use. For composers who require versatility in their song-writing, the Yamaha QY100 is the perfect device for music production and sequencing.

For musicians who are always on the go, the compact design and small size of the Yamaha QY100 music sequencer allow them to carry and take it anywhere. This portable and handy device offers great opportunity to make and play music whenever a composer or artist feels like it.

What Are the Features of the Yamaha QY100?

The following are the other savvy features of the Yamaha QY100 music sequencer:

The Yamaha QY100’s amp and pre-amp simulation provide smooth microphone sounds and excellent guitar tone. It also has an 8-track accompaniment sequencers that come with a full-range database containing over 4,000 phrases, 128 pre-set styles and 99 chord templates.

It has a 16-track linear sequencer that can comprehensively process commands and in-depth editing. There is also a great selection of 547 superb-sounding voices and 22 drum kits. There are also top-notch onboard effects for guitar, microphone input, as well as internal voices.

The Yamaha QY100 music sequencer uses SmartMedia memory card for storing data. It also has a data filer program that is compatible with PC and Mac. The interface of this device is considered intuitive and user-friendly. And lastly, it comes with an easy-to-follow instructional manual that can guide any musician through every aspect of the device.